Rhode Island the Latest State to Ponder Future of Daily Fantasy Sports

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (Associated Press) - The state’s lottery division has asked its gaming vendor how it could run daily fantasy sports betting or work with sites such as FanDuel and DraftKings in case the current system is deemed illegal.

Gerald Aubin, the division’s director, said Thursday he’s considering options and watching other states working to regulate or ban the sites.

New York’s attorney general has said the betting sites are illegal gambling operations in his state.

Rhode Island’s attorney general is conducting a review. A spokeswoman for the office said Thursday she didn’t know when the review began.

The office hadn’t addressed questions for about a month about whether the attorney general was looking into the sites or concerned about them.

Aubin said he doesn’t know how many Rhode Island residents bet on daily fantasy sports because it’s unregulated. He’s researching the legalities of the system.

By Anonymous