California Assembly Passes Daily Fantasy Sports Bill: What’s Next?

A bill to legalize and regulate Daily Fantasy Sports in the state of California drafted by Assemblyman Adam Gray went to a committee vote in Sacramento Wednesday (January 6, 2016) and passed almost unanimously.  

The bill— AB 1437 — passed through the Governmental Organization Committee unanimously with the exception of Assembly member Marc Levine, an outspoken voice against the DFS sector.

The bill must now move to the full assembly for vote.

Those of us following attempts to legalize online poker in that state over the past few years won’t be holding our breath, nor do we have much concerns over the likes of DraftKings and FanDuel encountering roadblocks operating in California (a la overzealous prosecutors).  To put it bluntly, the California legislative process is an utter mess and has been for years.  This, after all, is a legislature that shuts down for the year at the end of August.

- Aaron Goldstein,

By Aaron Goldstein