Royals Vs. Indians Series Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks

Best Picks April 27 – Mike Moustakas, Jason Kipnis, Carlos Santana

Best Picks April 28 – Alcides Escobar, Mike Moustakas, Michael Brantley, Jason Kipnis, Brandon Moss, Ryan Rayburn

Best Picks April 29 – Eric Hosmer, Danny Salazar

April 27 - Indians starting pitcher Corey Kluber has not won in four starts though he only permitted 2 runs in each of his first three.  He allowed 6 in his last start.  That may have been the result of poor weather conditions however.

The Royals Mike Moustakas went 8-for-21 against Kluber with a homerun. He also had two RBIs.  He is the only KC batter who has enjoyed significant success against Kluber.

Jason Kipnis has gone 4-for-12 against Jason Vargas with 4 RBIs.

Carlos Santana has gone 5-for-16 against Vargas.

April 28 - Trevor Bauer may not be ready to go on Tuesday, but if he does, keep in mind he has only permitted two runs in three starts this season.  Alcides Escobar had hit well against Bauer but has not played well over the past week coming off a two-day absence (.227 ERA).

Lorenzo Cain and Mike Moustakas has also played well against Bauer.

Jeremy Guthrie has been absolutely battered by Cleveland batters.

Michael Brantley has gone 8-for-28 against Guthrie including 4 RBIs and a homer.

Jason Kipnis is 11-for-20 versus Guthrie with 9 RBIs and 2 homeruns.

Brandon Moss is 5-for-12 vs. Guthrie.

Ryan Rayburn is 7-for-19 vs. Guthrie.  Not a good thing as Rayburn has hit 4 of 6 at bats over the past 7 days.

April 29 - Danny Salazar has permitted 2 and 1 runs, respectively, over his first two starts.  He is now 2-0 with a s 2.08 ERA.

Eric Hosmer has had great success against Salazar and is really the only KC batter who consistently has over a period of time.  Hosmer has a .368 ERA over the past seven days and is 5-for-9 versus Salazar with 3 doubles. 

By Payton