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Daily Fantasy F***ed: FanDuel Approved Scripting Tool Allows Pros to Destroy Fish

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It began as a post questioning whether one of FanDuel’s top players may somehow be using an autoscript to scrape up posted plays of other FanDuel customers, most of which involves National Hockey League plays.

For many of you DFS911.com readers, the following conversation found at Rotogrinders may at first appear to be some type of tech lingo the average person will have trouble deciphering, but rest assured there is a method to this madness.

I feel like he has scooped exactly 1 of my $1 h2h before i can even reload the page no matter what time I create the game. Is it possible he is using a script or software?

This definitely happened with him and my CFB h2h last weekend

I posted a few $1 games in CFB yesterday and he took the first one immediately. After reading this post I just posted one $1 h2h for tomorrows early slate on fanduel and he took it immediately again.

The individual being accused is one “KCannon” on FanDuel, also known as Kyle. He’s a professional Daily Fantasy Sports player who responded to the allegations and admits to using an autoscripting tool to scrape up other customers plays he claims is “approved by FanDuel”.  It is essentially a script that permits him to scoop head-to-head games instantly based on win total criteria, something that clearly provides an unfair playing field. 

Last week, FanDuel became embroiled in a controversy in which a DraftKings employee won $350,000 playing in one of their contests.  Many have speculated that the employee in question had access to critical player usage data that provided him with an unfair edge.  The New York Attorney General has commenced an investigation into FanDuel and DraftKings amidst the scandal.

BritDivine of Rotogrinders writes:

People taking even 1 H2H via scripting, need to have accounts banned for a month minimum and funds seized after a scond warning.

Not hard to put a check in your database that throws you all the guys taking H2H’s after they are posted under X seconds over and over,

Every single script needs to be banned, its the next big issue. You can write checks into the system to monitor just about anything, time to start doing it FD and DK.

To get a better sense of what is transpiring, DCoop328 offered a little bit of sarcasm to point out that “fish” or recreational players are essentially being eaten alive by the so-called “sharks” or professional DFS players who have access to script tools approved by FanDuel in order to provide them with an edge.

So basically if a fish posts 1 h2h in either CFB or NHL they are guaranteed to play KCannon. That seems like a great way to help the ecosystem.

I can just imagine being a fish and posting 1 h2h per week, getting it token by KCannon, and losing since he is one of the best in CFB (assuming same in NHL), does not seem too fair.

JFud81 added:

It’s funny in all the DFS commercials I see on TV, there is no mention of how much you’ll win because you know how to create scripts, spreadsheets, models, algorithms, etc.

And FanDuel’s stated policy:

“-We will generally grant permission to enter contests via automation, except for selective entry against specific opponents (for example, scooping head to head contests against inexperienced opponents).”

– Nick Albano, DFS911.com