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Marshawn Lynch to Appear on ESPN’s eSports Magazine Cover

Marshawn Lynch to Appear on ESPN’s eSports Magazine Cover

by | Jun 11, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Marshawn Lynch will appear in Call of Duty: Black Ops III and graces the cover of ESPN The Magazine in full costume, it was reported via Twitter this week.

The Seahawks running back is also a big Call of Duty fans. 

Lynch created quite a stir during Super Bowl media week, at one point playing Mortal Kombat with Conan O’Brien.

With eSports expected to garner a bigger fan base than the NFL come 2017, perhaps we could see Lynch participating in competitive eSports events in the distant future (after his NFL career has ended).

“In the year 2065, cybernetic advancements give rise to augmented human soldiers, a new breed of badass charged with preserving our way of life.” Wrote ESPN’s Sam Alipour, “Their mission leads them to a seedy bar in Singapore, where they encounter an underworld boss and his elite squad of mercenaries. Among them is a 5-foot-11, 215-pound battering ram of a man who’s exactly like the world’s most ferocious running back circa 2015: the Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch.”

– Nicole Di Caprio, DFS911.com