A new trend for online casinos - Live Dealer Games

It is a well known fact that since the explosion of the internet in the early years of the twenty first century, online casinos have become ever more popular pastimes for millions of people around the world.

Online casinos have come along way since their beginnings, remaining at the forefront of technology by incorporating new trends as they develop. The latest of these trends to take hold is playing online casino games with live dealers.

The vast majority of players attracted by the appeal and allure of making money from the comfort of their own home are simply amateurs in search of a cheap thrill and playing within their means. It is also a draw for professional casino game players who have often mastered one or more casino games to a point where they are able to make a living from it. The latter group are more interested in an online casino’s RTP (return to player) whereas the former group, the online casinos bread and butter, seek entertainment and thrills. This has been enabled by the constant development of technology and has resulted in ever more realistic game play becoming available online today.

The role of technology in online casino games

Online casinos have long suffered from the idea of fairness and security whether in their casino games or financial transactions with customers. Breakthroughs in technology over the years have done much to reassure players be it in the form of RNGs (Random Number Generators) or secure modes of payment using the latest encryption technology. In an attempt to further gain the confidence of their customers, online casinos have exploited faster streaming through higher bandwidths.

Introducing live casino games has taken the new casino experience to a whole new level. Players now have the possibility to partake in live dealer casino games in real time, further cementing both the bricks and mortar casino experience as well as convincing players of the fairness of the games. Nothing can replace the sheer thrill of watching a live croupier spin the roulette wheel and launch the ball while exclaiming “Rien ne va plus!”. Players can also interact if they so wish with both the live croupiers or dealers and their fellow players. This further adds to the live casino game feel and sense of community that you would find in a traditional casino.

Improved player experience

Through its various incarnations over the years, online casinos have matured to become slick online gaming experiences that faithfully replicate most of the sensorial experiences that players would associate with land-based casinos without the need for the player to leave their own home. This ease of access of online casinos 24/7 from any internet device or mobile phone will ensure the continued growth of this industry in the future. With the recent release of virtual reality headsets by large industry leaders, the virtual reality experience will be one step closer to the real thing. Pun intended!  

By Payton